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Unveiling The 5 Finalists

We've been truly inspired by the incredible entries from companies vying for the coveted Mentoring SG Corporate Excellence Award. Now, after thorough deliberation, it's time to unveil the top 5 finalists whose unwavering commitment to mentoring excellence has set them apart.

Don't miss the chance to be part of this exciting moment at the National Mentoring Summit 2023,

where the winners will be announced.


About the Award

The highlight of this year’s summit is the inaugural Mentoring SG Corporate Excellence Award. This is a prestigious accolade that acknowledges and celebrates the exceptional accomplishments of organizations that have made remarkable contributions to the mentoring community.


The winners will be announced on 17 Nov at the National Mentoring Summit 2023.

Why it Matters

These exceptional organizations have not merely excelled in implementing internal mentoring programs; they have transcended the ordinary to champion the holistic development of young individuals. Their unwavering commitment and dedication extend beyond their own walls, actively contributing to the broader mentoring ecosystem.

Why Nominate your Organization?

  • Recognition: Showcase your organization's dedication to mentoring excellence on a national stage.
  • Inspiration: Be an inspiration to other companies seeking to make a difference through mentoring.
  • Impact: Your commitment to holistic development will have a ripple effect on the next generation of leaders.

What we are looking for?

To be eligible for nomination:
  • Your company, whether from the private or public sector, should have an operating office in Singapore.
  • The impact of your mentoring program, whether internal or external, must be directed towards youths (below 35 years of age) in Singapore.
  • The mentoring program should have been in place for at least 6 months at the point of application.
We are seeking nominations from organizations that demonstrate excellence in the following areas:
  • Internal Mentoring Programs: Demonstrated excellence in implementing effective internal mentoring programs that drive growth, development, and empowerment within the organization.

  • Support of Youth Development: A commitment to nurturing and empowering youth in Singapore, ensuring their well-rounded development as future leaders.

  • Community Engagement: Active participation and contribution to the broader mentoring ecosystem by sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources to uplift the Singapore mentoring community.

Nomination is now closed

Thank you for your outstanding submissions! Nominations for the Corporate Excellence Award are now closed. Stay tuned for the grand reveal of the winners at the National Mentoring Summit 2023.

How to Nominate?

Nominating your organization is a straightforward process:
  • Gather all necessary information and supporting documents that showcase your organization's excellence in the specified criteria

  • Complete the nomination form and ensure that all fields are completed accurately and comprehensively. 

  • You may prepare and upload separate files in PDF, Word document, or PowerPoint format containing the responses for the different sections.

  • Nominations can be submitted by the company itself or by external organizations, employees, community partners, or individuals familiar with the company's mentoring initiatives.

Nomination submission will be closed on 15 October 2023.
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